Sunday, 10 January 2010

I'm moving

I am moving this blog to "". This is partly to improve the blog (WordPress has better features), and partly to appease my own ego (I wanted my own domain name).

The new blog has already been populated with all the old posts and comments. I even think I can set things up so this old address will automatically redirect to the new one.

But, for those of you using feed readers, you'll need to subscribe to the new feed (and unsubscribe from the old one). This will be the last post I put up on Blogger.

Feel free to take this opportunity to let me know (on the new blog, preferably) what works, and what doesn't. On a technical level, what would you like me to change on the blog? On a content level, is there anything you'd like to hear more about? Less?


  1. I don't about the "better features" of Wordpress. I've tried it, and I think it's only marginally different from Blogger. And since Blogger also allows domain hosting (for free!), I decided not to use WP.

  2. More specifically: the features of WordPress are more attractive to me.

    By the way, I love the name you've used! (See this article for why.)

  3. Nice article. I've always considered Ecclesiastes as the best book in the bible. Whenever I quote it to Christians, I always get incredulous responses that I'm not really quoting Scripture. It's so... existential and non-religious. Indeed, purge all references to god and it would sound like something out of an atheist's pen.

    Theologians who are disturbed with the frankness of Ecclesiastes would read it in light of the Book of Job, which while also existential, has a "happier" ending.


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