Thursday, 15 January 2009

Truth about dyslexia

Gentle and thoughtful Cath is on the warpath - and justifiably so.

Some loon (Graham Stringer, MP for Blackley) is trying to deny the existence of dyslexia, a well-evidenced and widespread disorder, using false claims, fallacious reasoning, and other tactics familiar to rational people.

I cannot add anything to her very lucid demolition of his article. I'll just give a couple of potentially useful links for further reading.

Here's an international list of Dyslexia research and support organizations that a quick search brought up, in case anyone wants to read further: Dyslexia Parents Resource.

And if you're from the Blackley area, check out Stringer's contact info, voting record, etc. on this page.


  1. Interesting post. I agree with you totally. On another aspect, my take is that child development during the early stages is extremely important and no parent should ever forget that.

  2. Just a follow-up - I noticed an article in today's Metro that led to a web search which revealed the following:

    Sir Jackie Stewart, a former Formula 1 racecar driver, has dyslexia. He is
    responding to Stringer's lunacy in a very constructive way - by educating people.

    Here's an older news item, and a video interview too, for further info on Jackie Stewart's activities for dyslexia awareness.


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