Friday, 14 August 2009


I just want to thank Dale McGowan for pointing me to the Radiolab podcast.

Deena and I are slowly working our way through the archived episodes - this is the most acoustically delicious learning experience I can remember having. I recommend it to anyone with a mote of curiosity about stuff in general.

So far we've learned about randomness, race, sperm, the placebo effect, zoos, mortality, and time; and we've also been treated to a fascinating investigation of the 1938 "War of the Worlds" panic.


  1. Thanks for the link; very good indeed

  2. I AM DELIGHTED to hear this, Tim! I'm sorely tempted to turn my blog over entirely to a post-mortem of each and every episode. (But I won't.) So many issues to explore -- content, juxtapositions, delivery, imagery, allusions, the interplay of the two hosts' world views, the use of music, the role of curiosity...

    I think it's the most important development in popular science since Sagan's Cosmos series in 1980 and am pleased to be an evangelist for it.


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