Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Dangerous lunatic cyclist ... wow!

I commute by bicycle to work here in Edinburgh. It's an okay city for cycling. One of my biggest peeves is other cyclists who ignore the traffic rules, encouraging motorists to think that all cyclists are dangerous lunatics.

Well, Erich at Dangerous Intersection has just introduced me to a dangerous lunatic cyclist in this fair city whose antics are simply inspiring. Take a look:

(But notice that he's wearing a helmet.)

Postscript: I queued this post up several days in advance. Since then, the video has become quite well-known, and been picked up by media outlets that get more circulation than this blog. So apologies if this is old news to you.


  1. Wow. Also, that makes me really miss Edinburgh...

  2. Hey, thanks for sharing! I hadn't seen it yet. Certainly inspiring!

    Speaking of Edinburgh, I'll be playing tourist in the area towards the end of June. Yay!


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