Friday, 28 September 2007

What is humanism?

Humanism, at its root, is about humans.

Right now, for this humanist, it is about the two heart-wrenchingly beautiful girls sleeping in the bedroom - one exhausted after her first ten hours in the world, the other drained by an eighty-hour ordeal bringing her out.

I will have more to say later about bravery and stamina, about love irrevocably chosen and love irrevocably thrust upon me by my biology, about care and respect in the medical professions.

But for now, I leave to spend some more time staring at their peaceful, perfect selves.


  1. Okay, now a wee confession. For the sake of capturing an emotional snapshot of the moment, I posted this one without mentioning that, as I typed the last two paragraphs, little Kaia had already begun to cry with gusto.

    Don't get me wrong - she's beautiful even when she cries. But the placid beauty of the thought I posted had (momentarily) shattered before I posted it.

    Just, you know, for full disclosure on how far I'm willing to take "poetic license".

  2. Congratulations, Daddy.
    There will be more need for poetic license as time goes on.


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